Got Leaves?

Today, Joe and I volunteered at GGrowing Places Indy Signrowing Places Indy.  As explained on their website, “Growing Places Indy is a non-profit organization committed to cultivating the culture of food and urban agriculture in the Indianapolis marketplace”.  They farm several sites in Indianapolis.  We visited the site at the Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center.

Joe and I loved the folks we met today.  They were super friendly, and answered several of our questions about our own garden.  Today’s work consisted of spreading leaves over new garden beds that will be planted next year for the first time.  The farm manager explained that placing leaves directly on the grass, watering them down with a hose, and then covering with compost will break down the grass so that the beds are ready for planting next year.  Joe and I had planned on renting a rototiller to clear the sod for our expanded garden beds.  TheGrowing Places Indy Raised Beds wet leaves and compost method sounds a lot easier and better for the environment since we won’t use any fossil fuel.

I guess we’ll be visiting our neighbors asking if we can help dispose of their leaves.  We’ll make sure we get there after they’ve finished raking and bagging them.

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