Winter’s Descent into Terra’s Embrace

Winter’s Descent into Terra’s EmbracePrairie meets the forest

Winter relentlessly
crept into the landscape.
Icing the black walnut
with its frigid glaze.

The arctic stream
permeated my lungs.
With a deep exhaustion
of hopeless despair.

I lBlack walnut in winterooked to the black walnut
in stalwart repose.
Surrendering itself
to the polar efflux.

I felt myself sinking
into glacial quiescence.
Shedding foliage long dead
but still desiccating my core.

Releasing it all
I descend to the taproot.
That wellspring of verdure
which flourishes in spring.

Snowy view of Eagle CreekHere I sit dormant
in Terra’s embrace.
Waiting warmth and renewal
and the sustenance of Grace.

All content © 2013-2014 Candace Nigh.
All rights reserved.


About Candace

My name is Candace Nigh. I am a wife, Mom, sister, social worker, hiker, engineer, and sleep champion. Passionate about social justice, public policy, and American History. Blog about sustainable urban farming. Creator of Garlic Celery Carrots:
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