2014 Potager Garden

 Joe and I completed the high-level design for our new potager garden.  A potager garden is a kitchen garden that produces vegetables and herbs, 2014 Potager Gardenand also includes ornamental design features.  Simply put, we want our garden to be beautiful as well as functional.  Our intent is to blend the garden into our existing landscaping and include flower beds plus a bistro area to make it an inviting space.

We modified a design we found in Niki Jabbour’s The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener.  Jabbour (2011) featured a 20-ft x 20-ft potager garden on p. 89 of her book. Design Tools We’re using her basic design but expanded it to 20-ft x 26-ft so we could include a bistro table and chairs in the center.  The next step is to fine-tune what we want to plant in each area so we can ensure that we have all of the seeds.  We will maximize visual interest by adding height to the garden through the use of rustic teepees for pole beans and an arched trellis at the entryway.

Areas 1, 2, 3, and 4 will include raised beds.  We’ll install cold frames on top of the raised beds, so we can continue to grow fresh produce during the cooler months of the year.  Jabbour (2011) Greens and Carrotsexplained that “cold frames can be used for cool-weather and cold-tolerant crops like tatsoi, spinach, chard, carrots, and mache” (p. 89).

Jabbour, Niki. (2011). The year-round vegetable gardener: How to grow your own food 365 days a year no matter where you live. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing.

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About Candace

My name is Candace Nigh. I am a wife, Mom, sister, social worker, hiker, engineer, and sleep champion. Passionate about social justice, public policy, and American History. Blog about sustainable urban farming. Creator of Garlic Celery Carrots: https://garliccelerycarrots.wordpress.com
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9 Responses to 2014 Potager Garden

  1. Robbie says:

    Your new potager design looks beautiful + functional! Bistro area perfect for eating all that you will be growing:-) I can’t wait to see it all up and growing. I am so tired of snow here in zone 5, but I feel spring around the corner for the birds are singing again in the early morning:-)

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  4. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    What a lovely design. I wish you much success with your garden this year!

  5. Robbie says:

    How is your potager going?

    • Candace says:

      Hi Robbie, it is a work-in-progress. We raised the ground 8 inches so it would drain properly. Redid the landscaping in our front yard so that took a wkend. Back to the potager … a couple of raised beds are built. Hope to plant seeds & seedlings this wkend! Thanks for checking back with us! How are your gardening projects progressing?

      • Robbie says:

        Look forward to reading more about it:-) Rain, Rain + more cold weather , so still trying to get things out between storms and rain…after this next Tuesday it may start summer-lol..we skipped spring!

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